Wonder Woman

Pogees LLC

Looking for a genuine gift your little girls will be proud of? Wonder Woman being part of the Justice League is no longer just a background figure. Her leadership ensured success of the Justice League members. She is a fighter and a leader. She is both a friend and a hero Batman, Superman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Green Lantern and The Flash depended on. 
Our bendable action figures stand out because of the following;
  • Highly Detailed -  The eyes, hair, shoes, cape and other accessories were delicately designed and painted to look almost real. The paint won't come off easily.
  • Bendable - All action figures are bendable. Your kids will like how they can make Wonder Woman look like kicking and running.
  • Size - All figures are 8 inches tall. Most of what's being offered here and in Amazon is only 7 inches tall. Don't short your kids. They deserve a taller toy.
  • Multiple Points of Articulation - Actual photos we uploaded are in high resolution, you can enlarge each one and see for yourself the multiple points of articulation.