Flash and the Justice League 8 Inches

Pogees LLC

$147.50 $179.00

The Flash (or simply Flash) is the fictional character created by Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert.  Flash possess "super speed", which includes the ability to run, move, and think extremely fast, use superhuman reflexes, and seemingly violate certain laws of physics.

He teamed up with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Superman, and Green Lantern to save the world from cosmic foes.

Our bendable action figures stand out because of the following;
  • Highly Detailed -  The eyes, hair, shoes, cape and other accessories were delicately designed and painted to look almost real. The paint won't come off easily.
  • Bendable - All action figures are bendable. Your kids will like how they can make Wonder Woman look like kicking and running.
  • Size - All figures are 8 inches tall. Most of what's being offered here and in Amazon is only 7 inches tall. Don't short your kids. They deserve a taller toy.
  • Multiple Points of Articulation - Actual photos we uploaded are in high resolution, you can enlarge each one and see for yourself the multiple points of articulation.