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caricature airplane travel passport globeMy sisters, friends and I love to travel but hate the pain of traveling. If only teleportation were an option! Back when we were single and childless, we frowned upon parents who traveled with their kids. Any child on a plane was a potential noise hazard with the threat of screaming and crying at any moment. Of course, that was then. Our views about travel (and so many other things) changed dramatically after having children, or seeing our sisters and friends have children of their own. Two things that didn’t change were our love of travel and our wishes to make traveling easier. As a solution, we thought we could help traveling parents and families with kids by providing products that are entertaining and functional. Some of the problems we have found solutions to are things like...How do we keep track of our kids in the airport? What about when finally reach our destination in another country? How to I keep potty training when we are on the go? How to I keep the whole family looking stylish without sacrificing comfort? You will see answers to these questions in the products on our website. Our product line is continually updated as we continue our research.

 -Love and Peace from the founders of Pogees,

 -Rosanna (mother of 3), Tine (mother of 1), Ann (mother of 5), Alicia (mother 2), Diana (Auntie), and Gracie (Auntie)

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