Alexa - Sea Sparkles Mermaid

Aurora World

$9.99 $22.50

Anybody remembers Ariel from My Little Mermaid? Who doesn't?Perhaps, Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale is one of the most beloved stories and movie of all time. We will never forget our loving sweet mermaid. We believe Ariel, just like all the mermaids are nice, pretty, has long shiny silky hair and has a magical voice. 

Our Ariel in the store is named Alexa. She is a member of the Sea Sparkles collection from Aurora World. She's made of multi-colored shimmer and sparkle fabrics. Only high quality materials are used to ensure durability and softness. Alexa is about 18 inches and weighs 4.8 ounces. Our Alexa is perfect for kids from 36 months old to 15 years old.