My Little Pony Rainbow Dash

Take a peek inside My Little Pony Rainbow Dash pony figure! The cute pony is a toy to behold and getting one for your child will brighten his or her day. With My Little Pony Rainbow Dash, there is no dull moment for your child. Look at the rainbow color; children always love beautiful color and no color can match the color of the rainbow.

Don't like thunderstorm and hurricane? Well, you're not alone, Rainbow Dash makes sure the sky is blue and calms all the time so kids can have fun outside. This cute plush toy is 6.5" tall, with beautiful embroidery and soft, shiny hair.

The Pony We All Love

Your Applejack My Little Pony is a fancy pony that really understands the friendship magic! This pony is lovely and will make a perfect friend for your child. AppleJack in all her glories charms with her MAGIC is cute and can make a perfect gift for your child. She has been getting a handle on somewhat focused by her more excited companions of late, so she's jubilant to find an excellent, calm little woods to impart to Fluttershy.

The Applejack My Little Pony is an initiative from Hasbro who is committed to enhancing both adult’s and children’s play. They have entertained families globally across mediums.

Applejack is bold and vigorous yet carefree. This cute plush toy is 6.5" tall, with beautiful embroidery and soft, shiny hair.

Princess in your purse - Pammee Yoohoo and Friends

Pammee Ice Princess Crown Purse Yoohoo and Friends will be the cutest gift you can ever give to your child. Pammee ice princess crown purse is an adorable purse with beautiful color for little one. With the beautiful color and perfect shape of this purse, your child will never be bored. Yoohoo and friends in the purse are the perfect friends for your child, and while you are busy, yoohoo and friends will be the perfect friends for your child.

Playing with this cute purse will be great fun for your little girl. If you want your daughter to be happy on her occasion, just buy Pammee ice princess crown purse for her and see how she reacts. You can give your daughter a better gift than this cute purse because all little ones love it!

Pammee Ice Princess by Yoohoo and Friends Sold by

Pearl of Sea Sparkles Mermaids

Your child’s beloved sea princess is brought to your house with the Pogee princess colors of the pearl of sea sparkle mermaid, which is the perfect addition to your child’s toys. The mermaid features a beautiful tail with purple hair color. 

Cute and beautiful Pearl is part of the Sea Sparkles collection and feature multi-colored shimmer and sparkle fabrics. Your child will never be bored again with the pearl of the sea sparkle mermaid because this mermaid will become your little child’s favorite champion! With the bright color of this mermaid to capture the interest and engage the imagination of your child, this mermaid toy is adorned with deep purple hair and purple bodice. This plush will make a great present for your baby’s birthday party, Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday or celebration.

Have fun with Alexa

Have fun with Alexa

Life is wonderful when you have something that doesn’t bore you. If you have children and you really want to keep them busy with something cool, getting them a toy is the best option. Not just any toy can make your kids happy, but attractive toys will keep your children happy all day.

If you still remember the story of Ariel from My Little Mermaid, you will understand how great the story was. We believe Ariel, just like all the mermaids are nice, pretty, have long shiny, silky hair and have a magical voice.

This beautiful and colorful mermaid makes a marvelous splash in the sea. Alexa has a gorgeously decorated tail, colorful streaked hair set, and nice accents. Inspired by Andersen's classic fairy tale which is one of the most beloved stories and movies of all time, Alexa wears glittery purple bodice with sparkling green hair. A removable matching headpiece on Alexa looks adorable green-streaked hair. You can tell all kinds of the fairytale with this gorgeous mermaid, and collect all of them to expand fairytale fun and any storytelling possibilities, because, with Alexa, you can practically be anything.

Only high-quality materials are used to ensure durability and softness. Alexa is about 18 inches and weighs 4.8 ounces. Our Alexa is perfect for kids from 36 months old to 15 years old.

Your kid will be happy to play with all Sparkles of the Sea Mermaids by Aurora World. Bring home Cristal, Jewel, Mala and Peal. 


Garfield: The cat we love then and now

Garfield the cat is just one of those fictional characters from our childhood that is still famous up to this day. Garfield the cat from Aurora World is a soft 14 inch plush toy that any kids will enjoy hugging. The soft texture seemed reassuring and gives a sense of security to both little girls and boys. The only secret we moms must not tell our kids who like Garfield now a days is the bad reputation of the fictional character. We really don't want our kids emulate the not so nice qualities of our orange friend. Let's keep the life and history of our orange tabby cat a secret a secret for now.